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Ely MN Winter Activities and Attractions

Ely is a great place to experience a winter wonderland, either by snowmobile or on many cross country ski trails. There are numerous cross country ski trails close to Motel Ely. If you like snowmobiling, the Ely Snowmobile Trail runs right by the motel. We have a heated garage for your waxing needs and any repairs that you may need for your snowmobile.

Motel Ely is snowmobile-friendly, offering off-street truck and snowmobile trailer parking in our oveflow parking lot next to the Holiday across the street from the motel.

SnowmobilingThe Ely area is northern Minnesota's premier snowmobile hub. The Taconite Trail is the main thoroughfare in and out of Ely in the winter. Stretching 170 miles between Ely and Grand Rapids to the southwest, many spur routes will take you just about anywhere you want to go. The Tomahawk Trail, heading to the east, has 86 miles of varied terrain which the avid snowmobiler can use to connect up with hundreds of miles more of groomed trails, including the North Shore and Yukon Trails. The trail works closely with natural terrain and is one of the most scenic trails in the state. The tree cover that surrounds the trail edges, the lack of traffic and development allows you to have an uninhabited experience. You can also check the trail conditions online.

If really good snowmobiling gets you excited about winter, then you need to ride in the Ely area! Experience the 170 mile Taconite Trail, the 80 mile Tomahawk Trail-rated a Top 10 ride by Supertrax, spur trails like the Fishing Lake, Stony, Taconite or Little Grassy and miles and miles of lake trails that create a never-ending ride. The tree cover surrounds the trail edges and the lack of traffic allows you to have a true wilderness experience. The Ely snowmobile trails are famous for their on-trail facilities where the trails stretch across three state forests and the Superior National Forest. Smooth rides along these famous routes are loaded with history and the Taconite's many spurs and loops make for some quality modern day pioneering. Here in the Ely area, the trails work closely with natural terrain offering one of the most scenic trail rides in the state. The tree cover that surrounds the trail edges, the lack of traffic and development allows you to have an uninhabited experience.

Are you looking for a new and exciting trail ride?
Come to Ely and set off on the new Circle Tour ride! This self-guided, 3-5 day tour encompasses over 400 miles of pristine wilderness and awesome trails! Novice and experienced snowmobilers alike have the freedom to plan their own itinerary and experience friendly communities and quality services along the way. Usually, you can ride for miles and not see another sled! Now, that's an awesome ride!

Day 1: Ride from Ely to Grand Marias
Day 2: Grand Marais to Atikokan
Day 3: Trip around Atikokan Trails
Day 4: Atikokan to Ely

Cross Country Skiing
Cross Country SkiingEly's many wooded, wilderness paths feature six local groomed trails, or you can break your own trails and include any of the hundreds of lakes in the area. Several of the local trails include terrain inside the BWCAW - the South Farm Lake, Angleworm and North Arm Trails are the most notable of these. You can check the trail conditions online.



Ely Area Cross Country Ski Trails

Minnesota Ski Pass and Skiing Information
All cross-country skiers on public ski trails who are aged 16 and above must have a Minnesota Ski Pass. You must sign your ski pass and carry it with you when skiing. Your ski pass fee helps support Minnesota's cross-country ski trail system.

Ice Fishing
Ice FishingWhile the lakes may be covered with ice and snow, plenty of fish are waiting to grab hold of one of you fishing lures. This is the best time of the year to go after trout, as they're at depths that can be reached with "standard" equipment. Walleye, northern and crappie fishing can be equally as exciting and productive. Many of the lakes that are too difficult to get into in the summer are now easily reached by snowmobile, showshoes, cross-country skis or dog team. You can break your own trail or travel on any number of well-groomed or packed routes. Your fishing trip can be as comfortable or as rugged as you like. Many people combine winter camping with an extended trip into their favorite lake. Others prefer day trips in the comfort of a heated fish house.

DogsleddingFor a breath-taking winter adventure, nothing compares to driving a dog team. Mush from a cozy northwoods lodge or head out on a camping trip. Enjoy the winter scenery of the lakes and trails on the back of a dogsled. Run a team of sled dogs to a remote yurt or cabin, or access remote ice-fishing lakes to experience winter solitude at its best. Enjoy dog mushing for a day or plan a week-long adventure. You don't need previous experience. The guides in Ely will teach you everything you need to known from harnessing dogs to maneuvering your sled. They have invested many hours into training their dogs so that you can be assured of a high-quality, enjoyable trip.

Dog Sled Trips