Motel Ely

Motel Ely - Ely MN

Ely MN Fall Activities and Attractions

Take your family to see Ely's fall color outings lined with fiery maples, birch, aspen, mountain ash, willow and oak displayed in dazzling shades amidst evergreen pine over breathtaking vistas. Surrounding Ely you'll find colorful forest habitats that are home to upland birds, waterfowl, white tail deer, black bear, moose and more. Hiking opportunities are at their best with the cooler air and many colors of the fall. For the sportsman, fall is a great time and the Ely area is Minnesota's best location for small game hunters. Our habitats are home to upland birds and waterfowl including ruffed grouse, Hungarian partridge, wild turkey, pheasant, and almost every species of duck and geese. Rabbit, squirrel, red fox and other small game are abundant as well. The Ely area is also excellent habitat for large game, including white tail deer, black bear and moose, with seasons for both bow and rifle hunters.